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Why choose AcronX?
At AcronX, we are a connected team of individuals, each excelling in our own respective fields. In our team, you'll find experts with years of experience in system solutions, such as Kubernetes and Docker, featuring back-end programmers, with hands on the newest technology, front-end programmers, caring for excellent user experience, as well as experts on the MS SQL field, assuring (guaranteeing) connection to external MS bases, as well as your local servers, developers, designers, and finally, our customer support team, available to you 24/7.
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"With our combined expertise, our team has created a top-notch product, specifically prepared to fit you and your companies needs.
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Cyber - Security: 
The bottom line is, you're safe with us.
At AcronX, you don’t have to worry about data security, because we are hosted in the leading data centers of SRC, experts in IT technology. Acronx operates within cutting-edge  IT environments, which is foundational for all large companies, such as Google or Facebook.
Optimized Functionality
AcronX operates in Kubernetes, allowing the combination of multiple containers into a functional whole. This fundamental tool allows us to very simply, and effectively multiply (increase) the functionality of the application while adding containers, where it would have otherwise overloaded. (where the capacity needed enlarging to prevent a crash.) 
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AcronX is robustly engineered (designed), equipped with the latest IT, and reinforced (supported) by a young and ambitious team.

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