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Maximize the profit of your company through digitalization and optimization of business processes

For companies in today’s times, it became increasingly important to constantly watch over the market, competition, technological advances and use gathered information in order to make quick and efficient decisions.

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How to implement a customer-centric business strategy

Businesses are becoming aware of the fact that customer-centricity of the business strategy is becoming unavoidable.

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The importance of well-organized CRM data

Companies of this time are evolving and adapting to new environments in the business world, which is being changed due to advances in informational technologies.

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Acronx: Dynamic and customizable concept

When designing Acronx, our team was focused on how to make a business program, that could be adaptable to a wide variety of different industries and offer most of the core functionalities that companies use in their everyday process.

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How to issue invoices to your customers

Issuing and archiving invoices is an important part of the business process for every sole proprietor and company out there...

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