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This module is a great help as you can keep track of all your customer wishes and process them in a more organized way.
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CRM for WooCommerce is a solution for you. It’s simple as never before. Connect your online WooCommerce store to Acronx and start selling.
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Media files

Store files related to specific subjects, documents, and tasks. Keep all files exactly where you need them.
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KPIs are data obtained through defining a data sources and performing computational operations among them.
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Consolidated delivery notes, pick-ups, and invoices

This tool serves as a comprehensive mechanism for recording all deliveries and receipts within your company, consolidating them into a single document.
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Digital signature

Signature module is an awesome feature that works hand in hand with invoice module. It allows users for digital collection of signatures.
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Travel orders

This is a module for creation, calculation and filing of travel orders.
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Claims is one of the additional modules that offers a place for gathering all of the customers' reclamations in one place.
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