Acronx: Dynamic and customizable concept

When designing Acronx, our team was focused on how to make a business program, that could be adaptable to a wide variety of different industries and offer most of the core functionalities that companies use in their everyday processes. So that is why we designed the software around three customizable functionalities which are code lists, custom fields, and custom layouts, (read more) integration with external providers (Bisnode, Pantheon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Squalomail…), and the possibility of creating and implementing completely new modules to the customer’s company (read more).
Here we will focus on 3 customizable functionalities. These parts of Acronx come free of charge and allow the customer to make their modifications to the system without the need for programming knowledge.
Code lists

The designing process can start with the code lists tool, with which customer can create their own code lists. Code lists are a table with content intended for use in custom fields. They are generally very useful for fields with repeating and limited answers. Their primary use is saving time used for filling forms.
Custom fields

Custom fields can be created as a group and can be used in almost all modules. This function creates an option for modifying software
They can be designed to be filled with text, integers, decimals, select (from code lists), toggle, and dates.
Acronx also gives the option of creating custom fields taken from external programs such as bisnode. Those fields are filled automatically.

Lastly, when all code lists and custom fields are prepared, you can build a layout.
Layouts are created for specific modules, where they can be used. The positioning of fields is completely dynamic and you can arrange them however you want.
The use of basic customizable functionalities is rather simple, but it is still recommended to go through a tutorial before building a new layout. But if you want to make use of a more complex parts of customizations, we prepared video tutorials on how to use them properly.