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Stop making plans on your own
Planning is already stressful work on its own, but it becomes even more so when a company has multiple employees. Everyone is working and making plans and sometimes those plans can collide, which can make problems for the company. With the help of planning module, employees share same planner and everyone can see each other’s tasks, so the chances for collision are lower.
Overview over tasks
Fast creation of tasks
Overview focused on scheduling
Contol over distribution of tasks
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Detailed description of the module
Planning is a very open concept module and can be used in many different ways. Here are some examples of how you can put it to use.

Booking system
Do you have a company car, which is in use by more than one employee? Is that car sometimes urgently needed, but someone else already took it? Well now you can avoid double bookings with the help of planning module.

Delegation of tasks
Do you have a lot of employees and a lot of tasks to distribute among them, but you do not know how occupied they already are? With planning module you can easily see who does what and who has time for additional tasks. With planning module, planning and delegation of tasks is easy and efficient.
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