Dispatch, integration with courier services

Shipping packages and printing labels
The Shipping module is designed for preparing packages for shipment. It contains a list of orders that are shipped via an external courier. In this module, orders are processed by assigning them to a courier service, printing the labels required for the courier service, and preparing the shipping list.
Printing labels for selected courier services
Printing shipping lists
Confirming shipment
Detailed description of the module

Order List

Orders are transferred to the module from the offer module that need to be shipped from the company with the help of external providers and are now waiting for processing in the shipping module.

Integration with Courier Services

The module is currently integrated with three different courier services: GLS, DPD, and PoŇ°ta Slovenije. This integration allows us to prepare our packages for shipment through these courier services. In practice, this means that we can view the order in the module, determine how many labels need to be printed, and create a shipping list.

printing courier labels

Label Printing

Label printing is a fully automated process. By clicking the button to print labels, the program sends all required data to the courier service, which then sends back a generated label ready for printing. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

Shipping List Printing

The module also allows for the printing of a shipping list, which is very helpful in performing internal warehouse operations.

Order Status Tracking

In the module, it is possible to track the basic statuses of the order provided by the courier services.

Customer Notification

Triggers can be set to notify the customer via email or SMS about changes in the status of their order. This way, the customer automatically receives information about when their order has been shipped.

changing of status

WooCommerce Store Connection

You can easily connect your WooCommerce store to Acronx CRM, through which customer orders come into the system and can now be processed in the shipping module.

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