How to implement a customer-centric business strategy

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Businesses are becoming aware of the fact that customer-centricity of the business strategy is becoming unavoidable. Companies that started focusing on the customer and building long-term relationships are becoming way more profitable than their competitors in the same industry.

That competitive edge comes from building quality relationships, lowering churn rate, and learning from obtained data. Especially, collecting customer data and having an overview of it, gives a company the necessary tools for devising and implementing a customer-centric business strategy. 

You can use customer data to understand buying behavior, identify opportunities to create products, services, and promotions for your best customers and you can use customer data to segment them based on their data for marketing purposes.
The amount of collected data can soon become too much to handle for a company. Problems come with unefficient storing of the data, organization, and unefficient use of it across companies’ departments. No amount of data can help a company if it doesn’t know how to efficiently use gathered information. 

That is why companies have whole departments, which deal only with developing information systems in order to support the development of customer-centric business strategies. The main tool in their arsenal is CRM software. They use it for automatic and manual collection of data and organized storage of information.
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There are many different CRM providers, each specialized to be the best in a certain field. Here at Acronx, we have CRM software that is perfect to use when a company tries to become more focused on its customers. Like all CRM software, it contains basic functionalities, but also offers additional modules useful for further processes.
For example:
Webform is a function that automatizes the process of information gathering. It significantly lowers the number of menial tasks employees has to perform and enables a company to gather more leads and opportunities.
Generation and archiving of invoices allow for instant creation of documents with automatically filled information from the system. The creation of offers, invoices, and other documents has never been so quick and easy before. CRM also allows direct sending over mail. Customers receive their documents quickly and efficiently, which raises their satisfaction.
Reports allow for a visual representation of the data. The information department can quickly prepare useful reports and implement gathered information in other departments of the company.
Mailing lists allow customer segmentation based on their purchases, behavior patterns, and other information. A very useful tool for the marketing department, which can now prepare targeted campaigns and run them with the help of integration with the external provider.
A notification system that automatically sends predetermined notifications and reminders to your customers. They can be sent internally over Acronx, by SMS, or by mail. Users can also predetermine sending rules, which can be set based on time or triggers.
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All those functions and more allow companies to improve and have control over their customer journeys. Acronx follows customers through all of the buying stages and archives occurrences. For that reason, it is a perfect helper for devising business strategies and in the end also appraising them. Businesses with successful implementations were able to cut down costs and raise revenues. Some even reported up to a 60% rise in their profitability.