How to issue invoices to your customers

Issuing and archiving invoices is an important part of the business process for every sole proprietor and company out there. And even if this way of conducting business has become something as general as drinking a coffee in the morning, many businesses still don’t use efficient systems for issuing invoices. Everybody likes to conduct business in a way that generates the least amount of costs and if that means manual creation of invoices by the copy-paste method for each invoice, a lot of people will prefer to do it that way. But after some time when a business expands, everybody quickly realizes that working in this way is not sustainable and takes way too much time. After that people start looking for someone to whom they could outsource this task.
How to issue invoice to your customers
I have good news for everybody that went through the process described above before coming to this article. The search is over. You found a perfect partner for your company, who will help you lower your workload and exponentially raise efficiency. His name is Acronx and he will cost you less, than hiring an additional worker.
Say goodbye to manual writing of invoices and copying an endless flow of data. In the software system Acronx CRM you have all the required tools for efficient and professional issuing of invoices. (Here are described only tools used in invoice generation. Acronx CRM also offers a huge variety of different useful tools for improving other areas of your business)
Customer database

Here you can archive all information on physical and formal entities you conduct business with. Once the data is entered and archived in the system, you will not have to retype it ever again. Upon creating a new document, you will be able to fill in all the necessary customer data, simply by assigning the customer to the document. The process of filling fields with data will be automatic.
Database of products and services

It is a list of products and services you sell as a business. At every product or service, you enter into the program you have an option of adding all related data like price, costs, description, related taxes… Upon adding them to positions in documents, later on, all the necessary data is automatically transferred as well. It works the same as adding customers.

In the invoice module, you have a list of all issued invoices generated up to this point. They are generated and archived in a logical sequence. Every document is automatically generated along with a unique number that serves for storing and organizing invoices. Functionalities of a module are invoice generation, saving of connected documents, archiving, digital signatures, direct sending to customers, and export of reports for accounting purposes.
Now let me take you through the process of invoice generation that can become your everyday business practice upon joining hand with Acronx.

You just sold a product or a service to a regular customer and need to issue an invoice. Now you go to Acronx and open a new document. You start making it by assigning a customer and adding products and services to positions. With assigning data all related information is transferred with it. After that, you click, generate a document and the invoice is automatically put together. You can even send the document directly to the customer with just one more additional click. With that, the process is finished. Yes, conducting business with Acronx is that simple.
invoice module for crm image