Track travel orders and accurately calculate employee compensations

Create travel orders and calculate compensations
Module is very straightforward to use. Employees can now take care of their own travel orders. When they start a trip, they firstly open a new order. They fill in all of the necessary data, like a vehicle, kilometers on car meter, responsible person and so on. When the trip is completed, they fill in the rest and save the document. Their compensation is automatically calculated and travel order document generated.
All required data for document creation
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Automatic calculation of compensation
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Detailed description of the module
Travel orders, which are accessible from anywhere, help with reducing necessary bureaucratic nuisances on our business travels. They cover all key elements that are needed for preparing a document and informative report. Online accessibility allows for increased flexibility and saving of our precious time.
Travel orders in Acronx are excellent due to their simplicity. We can simply start devising our journey, with choosing our business partner or with manual entry. Upon choosing a partner you are provided with his/hers address, which is simultaneously used for calculation of journeys length or direct navigation.
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Before Acronx
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With Acronx
On travel orders we can have a list of all past journeys. It helps with creation of automatic monthly travel statements.

When creating a travel order we are able to assign it a vehicle and a responsible person. Later on, we are able to create a report based on a responsible person or a used vehicle.
Travel orders also track time and date. When entering all necessary data, travel orders automatically calculate employees per diem rate.
Of course there is almost no travel without additional costs, such as gas, lunch, accomodation… Employees can easily enter these costs in a widget, which are automatically accounted for in the end statement of travel order.

And lastly, to make things perfect, the module also includes a media library so employees can attach documents, photos and files on each individual travel order.
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