Maximize the profit of your company through digitalization and optimization of business processes

In today's business landscape, it's increasingly important for companies to closely monitor the market, competition, and technological advances. Utilizing gathered information for swift and efficient decision-making is crucial. The volume of information companies encounter daily is vast and challenging to manage. The ability to effectively handle this information divides successful companies from the rest, securing their position in the market. Consequently, there has been a rise in various software tools designed to help companies organize digital databases, automatically capture data from diverse sources, and foster increased employee collaboration through shared databases, among other functionalities.
One such tool is Acronx, a web-based software that primarily serves as a CRM (customer relationship management) system but offers much more than just that. It enables companies to store all information gathered about their customers, from the initial interaction to invoices and even reclamations. Acronx facilitates the easy collection, sharing, and transmission of information across different platforms. Additionally, the software supports integration with external providers such as Bisnode, Pantheon, Squalomail, Mail, WooCommerce, etc.
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Now, one might wonder about the tangible benefits these functionalities bring to a company. The answer, of course, is significant.
One of the primary advantages is what we term "one source of truth." This concept means the company uses the software as the sole tool for storing and managing information, with everyone in the company relying on it. This approach only works if everyone agrees to store all information in the software and ensures that only relevant and credible information is saved. This method enhances cooperation and transparency, making information more visible and of higher quality since everyone has access to it, which aids in the swift identification of errors.
The high transparency of information within a company is invaluable as it allows immediate access for everyone. A company that previously operated as a collection of smaller divisions can now function as one interconnected entity, significantly boosting productivity. Before Acronx, groups would start a project, work on it, and complete it without sharing their results, findings, or challenges, as information sharing was cumbersome. If they needed assistance from other groups or divisions, they had to update them on the project, a slow and flawed method that often resulted in information not reaching those who could contribute the most. With Acronx, anyone with access can review and potentially contribute to a project.
Another game-changer is the automation of work processes. Acronx allows for the generation of documents with a simple click, using variable fields that automatically populate with the correct information when needed. This feature is just one of the many automations Acronx offers, including invoice fiscalization, adding customers to mailing lists, sending automatic notifications and reminders, and collecting information through web forms.

A key functionality of the software is its customer database, enabling close monitoring of customers. It provides insights into how a customer was acquired, their preferences, invoice details, reclamations, comments, and their entire history of interactions with the business. This information is invaluable for properly analyzing customers and segmenting them, making it easier to understand their needs, tailor marketing campaigns more effectively, and ultimately, enhance customer retention. Retaining existing customers is crucial, as re-engaging them is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.
Example of use for Acronx:
Imagine you own a pet store and sell a bag of cat food to a customer, who was very satisfied with the product. You can estimate when the customer might need more food and set up an automatic notification to send her a coupon at that time. This strategy helps create a loyal customer with minimal effort. Additionally, based on her purchases, you can deduce that the customer has a cat and place her on a mailing list for cat-related product offers, providing a straightforward mechanism for targeted upselling.