Dashboard for CRM with 5 awesome types of presenting options

Quick overview over important information
Module serves as a homepage of CRM Acronx. It offers representation of essential information with wide variety of graphs and charts, so everyone see it with just with a quick glance on the homepage. Of course dashboard is also completely customizable. Every user can set himself his own personal dashboard view.
The fastest 360 degree overview
Dynamic visual presentations
Customizable layouts
Build your own graphs, charts, diagrams
Interchangable views
Presentation of external data through KPI's
fiscalization and invoices for woocommerce

Detailed description of the module

Interchangable dashboard views

Module is completely customizable, which means that you can create your own views composed of any data you want.
Every user can have his own personalized views based on information, that is the most important to him. Views can be created in layouts section of administration.
Acronx also made sure that views are easily interchangeable.
dashboard change views
  • dashboard-bar-chart
  • dashboard-line-chart
  • dashboard-pie-chart

Data presentation options

Data presented on a dashboard can be shown in many different ways which are also customizable. You can put your textual data in tables and numerical values in graphs, pie charts, diagrams and many other types of presentation.
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