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Example of a dashboard

custom dashboard graphs

Types of dashboard charts

  • Line chart
  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Column chart
  • Pie chart
  • Treemap chart

Creation of dashboard view

To create your own views, you can go to the administration and click on layouts. From here you can create a new dashboard layout. Set view to dashboard and click on add layout. What you see before you is a layout builder with list of three different groups of widgets on the right side. First group are widgets that need to be set up manually, second group are widgets that can be made out of reports and the third group are widgets made out of key performance indicators.
custom dashboard graphs

Chart building

Click on it and place it in a builder and click on line chart settings to set display configuration.
custom dashboard graphs
Start by naming your chart and choosing the module that will serve as a source of your data. Then choose category property. This is used on the sides of a graph, so we know where the displayed value belongs to. Then click on add series specification to add value, that will be used in the graph. If you want to build more complex graphs, you can change series type to generated series. You can also define in which numerical way data will be displayed by adding aggregate function. You can choose count, which will count and display number of values, sum, which will add up values under the same category into a single number, avg, which will display averages of values under a category, or min and max, which will display only minimal or maximal value in a category. You can continue building a graph by adding additional series specifications or filter displayed data by adding filters.
custom dashboard graphs

Export of graphs

Graphs located on dashboard offer an option of export in form of SVG, CSV and PNG.
export of graphs