Neatly manage your customer database and have overview over your customer journeys

Guide customer journeys
Module serves as database for information on your customers. Get to know them well in order to efficiently guide on their journey through your business.
Customizable database view
Dynamic fields
Collecting data with web forms
Interconnectivity with other modules
Subjects file storage
Direct transmission in document creation
upgrade CRM with modules
Detailed description of the module
Organizing and searching for data is now fast and easy.
Data stored on customers include personal information, contacts, activity, orders, invoices, tasks and even various document files.
Of course you can always add more custom fields if already provided fields are not enough.

Automatized work process
New subjects can easily be added manually or automatically from web forms filled by customers.

Most fields are smart and automatically fill themselves, if necessary data is already written somewhere in one of the interconnected modules.

When you are creating further documents for a customer, you can create them directly from this module. For example, you can create an invoice, with all the customer data already included in it.
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