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A customer database is a fundamental component of CRM systems, serving as the repository for customer information and interactions.

 This enables businesses to effectively manage and nurture their client relationships.

In the "Data" section of the CRM system, you can access the customer module, which contains a table displaying both customers and suppliers associated with the company.

Adding new customer

To add new customers, click the "Add Customer" button in the upper right corner.
Enter customer data and click "add customer".

Postal field

The postal field provides a code list of imported postal codes. Upon selecting a postal code and entering it, the city field is automatically populated. 
To import postal codes into the code list, navigate to the administration section, click on "Code List," and select "Postal Codes" from the list. By clicking "Add," you can manually enter postal codes into the list. Additionally, by clicking "Import," you can effortlessly import code lists from different countries with just a few clicks. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing postal code data.

Editing customer data

For editing customer data click on "edit customer"

Additional widgets

Acronx offers custom fields that users can create themselves and very useful pre-set additional fields.

Pre-set additional fields.

• "Contacts" for storing customer connections.

• "Notifications" for sending messages and notifications to the customer.

• "Creation Info" to track when the customer was added.

• "Tasks" for creating tasks and setting reminders for customer interactions.

• "Files" for storing customer-related documents and images.

• "Connected Documents" to view all documents linked to the customer.

• "Related Emails" for a list of emails sent by the customer to the company.

• "Newsletter List" for tracking newsletters to which the customer is subscribed.