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Make reports for comprehensive analysis
Module works with the help of filters, values and a complete database. You can create an arbitrary number of reports, which can be very simple or very complex. Variety of filters and values is extensive and the structure of reports mostly depend on you.
Connection to every module of Acronx
Large variety of filters
List of reports
Large variety of values
Detailed description of the module

In this module you can create custom reports that consist of any information stored in Acronx. 

When creating a report, you start with choosing a module out of which most of the data will be procured. On that step you can also decide to add a drilldown, which is sub report to the main one.

In the next step you can add arbitrary number of columns, in which you define the data that will be shown. Then you also add and define filters so reports can be easily narrowed down to the information you require.

Completed reports can be saved in Acronx and updated everytime new data is added. Moreover reports can even be exported out of Acronx in form of CSV or XLSX format.
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