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Purpose of this tool is informing and reminding users of Acronx and their clients, so it is important that messages are delivered to everyone on time, in the most convenient manner possible. In Acronx you can decide if the message will be sent internally over Acronx CRM, by mail or by SMS.
Automatized sending of reminders and notifications
Pre-set templates
Option of setting complex sending rules
upgrade CRM with modules
Detailed description of the module
Notification is a tool that can be used across various different modules. In order to use it, you first have to prepare template, which will be sent along with the notification.
Next step is creating a notification. You have to select a template, link it to a module it applies to, select users or clients that are receivers and define exact time notification will be sent. Proccess is simple and straightforward.

We know that notifications are important, so we decided to offer many sending options in order to reach anyone in their preffered way. That is why Acronx offers built in massaging system, SMS-es and electronic mail.
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