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Notification templates

The Notification Templates module in your CRM platform serves as a comprehensive hub for all outbound communications. Here's a refined explanation of its features and functionality:


This module is specifically designed for creating and managing various types of outgoing messages, including tasks, reminders, notifications, and documents. It supports two primary channels of communication: SMS and email.

Distinctive Features

While both SMS and email are effective for sending notifications, email communication has the added advantage of supporting the dispatch of generated documents. This is particularly valuable for distributing invoices and other documents electronically, negating the need for physical copies.

notification templatenotification templatenotification template

User Interface

Accessing the module in the administration section leads you to a table of existing templates. To create a new template, you use the 'Add Notification Template' button, which opens the notification template builder.

Template Builder Layout

The builder is divided into two main sections. The left section is reserved for composing the notification's body, while the right section contains general settings for the notification.

notification template

Content Creation

When crafting the notification text, you have complete creative freedom. The content is only limited by your needs and imagination.

Dynamic Fields

A standout feature is the inclusion of dynamic fields in the notification body. These fields allow the template to automatically insert specific data from the CRM system, making each message relevant and personalized.

notification templatenotification template

Compatibility and Learning Resources

The logic and syntax used for dynamic fields in this module are consistent with those in the Document Template module. For users unfamiliar with this, instructional videos on Document Templates are available for guidance.

General Settings

In this area, you name the template, select the sending type (email or SMS), and assign a name to the notification, which will be visible to the recipients.

notification template

Model Widget

This feature serves two purposes. Firstly, it specifies where the templates will be applied within the CRM system. Secondly, it enables the incorporation of dynamic fields that pull data from specified modules and relations.

notification template

Adding Attachments

Users can attach files by clicking the plus button, with options to include URLs, items from the media library, or document templates.

notification templates

Final Steps

Once the template is finalized, saving it makes it immediately available for use in the designated module. This streamlined process not only makes it easier to manage communications but also ensures that the messages are tailored and relevant, improving the overall efficiency of your CRM-related tasks.