Efficient management of tasks within the company
In the modern business world, it is crucial for companies to develop an efficient system for creating and assigning tasks among employees. This system must enable quick and easy task assignments as well as provide a detailed overview of completed tasks. Despite the necessity of such a system, there are currently few useful solutions on the market, which are either very expensive or do not meet all the needs of companies.
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Presentation of Acronx CRM
Fortunately, there is Acronx CRM, which includes a highly sophisticated task module tailored to modern business requirements. This system enables the creation of tasks with the option to set a title, description, creation date, execution date, status, and task importance. One of the most important features at this point is the assignment of the responsible person to whom the task is related. Once the basic task information is entered, the system offers additional tools, such as a linking tool that helps attach all related clients, users, and documents relevant to the task. The module also offers a reminder tool that allows for the setting of simple and complex reminders, sent via email or SMS, based on predefined templates. Reminders can be sent to employees attached to the task in the CRM system and to clients added through the linking tool.
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Example of Use in a Hair Salon
To better understand the advantages of Acronx CRM, let's look at an example of a hair salon. Using the task module, the salon can easily assign tasks to its hairdressers, such as client appointments, workspace preparation, or maintenance work. Each task is recorded with all necessary details and is visible to everyone involved in the process. Reminders ensure that no important task is overlooked, contributing to better organization and customer satisfaction. This not only improves work efficiency but also helps keep track of services and optimize operational processes. Of course, reminders can also be set to remind clients of their appointments or to confirm them.
hairdresser uses reminders on tasks