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Modify your CRM based on your needs
Have you already tried using CRM software’s and found out that they simply cannot provide things you need? Well search no more because Acronx is highly customizable CRM software in which you can store data in many different forms and work with a lot of useful modules. You can create your own fields with specific rules and placements. You can create and arrange layouts adjusted to your company workflows. And if that is not enough because you need some very specific functionality, you can contact us and we will come up with a solution for you.
Dynamic and customizable
Create your own codelists
Create custom fields
Change between pre-set layouts and custom fields on them
Detailed description of the module
Designing process can start with codelists tool, with which you can create your own codelists. Codelists are a table with content intended for use in custom fields. They are generally very useful for fields with repeating and limited answers. Their primary use is saving time used for filling forms.
example of codelist
creation of custom field
Custom fields
Custom fields can be created in a group and can be used almost everywhere. This function creates an option of modifying fields in order to collect data, which are not the part of general fields on the module.

They can be designed to be filled with text, integers, decimals, select (from codelists), toggle and dates.

Acronx also gives the option of creating custom fields taken from external providers, such as bisnode. Those fields are filled automatically.
Lastly, when all codelists and custom fields are prepared, you can build a layout.

Layouts are created for specific modules, where they can be used. In them you can define which information fields will be used in the layout and where will they stand.
building custom layout
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Custom fields
Custom fields
Custom fields