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The "Layouts" module is a powerful tool for customizing views in other modules, greatly enhancing a platform's adaptability and personalization to meet specific company needs.

Synergy with codelists and custom fields

This module, in synergy with the 'Codelists' and 'Custom Fields' modules, forms a triad capable of supporting a wide array of processes tailored to different organizational requirements. In the 'Codelists' module, users can create and manage various codelists, which can then be integrated into the 'Custom Fields' module. These custom fields are essential components when designing and structuring layouts, allowing for a high degree of customization.

Create new layout

To create a new layout, simply click the 'Create New Layout' button. This action opens a window where you can select the specific module for which the layout is being designed, assign a title to your layout, and decide whether it will be public or for personal use. After clicking 'Create Layout,' you're directed to the layout builder interface.

The layout builder is split into two main sections: the visual builder on the left and a list of available widgets on the right. The first step in layout creation involves reviewing and selecting the widgets that best suit your layout’s needs from the list.

Once you've chosen your widgets, move to the visual builder section on the left to start designing your layout. Here, you can organize the layout into a specific number of rows and columns, depending on the quantity and type of widgets selected. The number of rows and columns can be adjusted using the '+' and '-' buttons located at the top left corner of the layout. Additionally, you can set the layout type and its desired width from the options above the right top corner.

Placing widgets into your layout is a simple drag-and-drop process. Select a widget from the list, and the builder will show you where it can be placed. You can drag the widget across column lines to extend it over multiple columns, or adjust the column lines themselves – though this will affect the placement of all other widgets in the layout.

Private layouts

If the layout is meant for specific users, you can restrict access by deselecting the 'Available to Everyone' button and specifying the intended users.