CRM for Pantheon

Integration of Pantheon with the CRM system

Do you want to take Pantheon to a completely new level? Do you want to synchronize data in real time? Do you want to add and edit Identities, Entities, Documents directly through the CRM system? Pantheon accessible via a web interface from anywhere. We enable you to plan based on estimates/offers and directly create tasks for you and your team.
Direct transfer to your accounting service.
Working 'in the field' has never been so simple.
Do you want quick and easy access to Pantheon via the WEB interface?
Do you want your subscription service to receive orders directly into the Pantheon database?
Two-way synchronization

Customers in Pantheon

Our platform enables instant transfer of customers and their data into the Pantheon database and vice versa, thus ensuring complete synchronization of both programs in real time.


  • Very fast entry of new customers
  • Suitable for quick entry or correction outside the office - fieldwork
  • Two-way synchronization with your database
  • Comprehensive overview of the customer and their activity

Idents from Pantheon

Directly within your work platform, which brings numerous advantages for managing your business.

The first key functionality is the easy addition of new products and their automatic transfer to Pantheon, which speeds up the process of introducing new items into your offer.
  • Adding a new product and transferring it to Pantheon
  • Adding and editing selling prices
  • Overview of purchase price and procurement costs
  • Editing dimensions and weight
  • Analysis in reports
  • Display on the dashboard
  • Inventory overview


Issuing invoices invoices directly from the CRM program is facilitated by the transfer of document types from your database. This capability enables the issuance of standard documents, consolidated documents, and internal documents. Additionally, the statuses of documents are fully transferred, ensuring that all necessary details are updated and maintained accurately within the system. This integration streamlines document management, enhancing the operational efficiency of business processes.


  • Issuing invoices, proformas, and internal documents via a FAST web interface
  • Suitable for quick entries or corrections outside the office - fieldwork (creating orders, issuing delivery notes with e-signature, generating invoices, etc.)
  • The module allows for the addition of plugins (delivery method, document 1 and 2 with dates, payment method, department, etc.) via a layout builder
  • Direct "real-time" synchronization with your database

Display of orders on the calendar

Elevate your planning to a higher level. The CRM enables the display of orders through a calendar supported by various filters. You can create custom calendars based on dates, statuses, types of documents, etc.

With interactive moving of orders on the calendar, planning becomes a real pleasure. At the same time, the CRM transfers data back to the Pantheon program in real time.

Customize your view and filters

AcronX enables great dynamism in creating views (sheets). This feature will be of great help in sorting identities, entities, and documents. The views are characterized by simple handling and settings. They also offer a "drilldown" function, which allows you to inspect documents in more detail.

A very powerful feature is the filter, which allows you to set parameters for any field. The filters are user-friendly and adapt based on the type of data. They also allow sorting in ascending or descending order.

Power of reports

Creating custom orders and connecting with all Acronx modules is a central part of our system, allowing users to manage their needs efficiently and flexibly. With our platform, you can easily create custom reports that are fully tailored to your specific requirements.

Our system also offers a wide selection of filters, enabling you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need.

Additionally, we have developed a powerful tool for creating multi-level reports, which allows users to gain deeper insights into their data. This functionality enables the compilation of reports with multiple layers of information, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their operations and efficiency all in one place.

Dashboards tailored to your taste

Our platform offers a quick 360-degree overview of your business, ensuring a comprehensive insight into all key parameters with dynamic visual presentation. This approach allows us to present complex data in a clear and understandable way, enhancing decision-making at all levels of the organization.

With customizable views, each user can tailor the dashboard to their specific needs, choosing from various layouts and filters to ensure the most relevant information is displayed in the most efficient manner.

This means that every individual or team can design their unique data presentations, which not only facilitate the interpretation of complex information but also encourage deeper analyses and a better understanding of trends and patterns. With our platform, you are equipped with all the tools necessary for effectively navigating through your business data, enabling you to make thoughtful and data-supported decisions.

Connection to your Pantheon database

Through a VPN connection running on your server, we transfer data directly into the CRM program.

The CRM program "synchronizes" data from your Pantheon database. This allows you to create and edit your documents through the CRM system and vice versa.

The intervention on your server is minimal. It is necessary to establish a secure VPN connection and launch a script that prepares all the necessary "ViewTables" for data exchange.

We do NOT modify the structure of the Pantheon database!