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Views and filters

The module (invoice, pre-invoice, etc.) has a list of entered data. You can customize this data according to your preferences and create a list that contains information important to you.

Use filters on each column to further customize the list. Filters vary and depend on the data in the column.
data filter
Number filter
range filter
Values filter
filter by date
Calendar filter
view filters
Of course, you can also sort values in descending/ascending order and simultaneously filter them.

1. Sort descending/ascending 

2. Setting a filter on each column further customizes the list.

How to create custom view

crm filters
Filters are diverse and depend on the data in the column. Users can have any number of views set on the list, easily interchangeable.
custom filtersset filters
Filters can be added to columns to facilitate data searching or grouping.
custom filters
Number filter
custom filters
Values filter
A new view can be created directly on the list by clicking "add view."
filter instructions
When creating a view, pay attention to three main things (for a detailed overview, refer to instructional videos)
1. Table naming – choose a column name.
2. Adding filters – in most cases, this data is the same as the displayed data.
3. Adding displayed data – choose any data from the list.