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Adding an Invoice

Start creating an invoice by clicking the "Add Invoice" button.
Invoice instructions

General Fields

  1. The invoice number is automatically generated after saving and confirming the invoice.
  2. The document number is created based on the document type. The document type can be set in the settings (Administration > Application Settings > Invoices).
  3. The payment days field is linked to the payment date field. Filling in one of these fields will also populate the other. The status offers a code list to determine the invoice status. The general status can be set in administration settings (Administration > Application Settings > Invoices).
  4. The document type is an important piece of information used to generate the invoice number. The general document type can be set in settings (Administration > Application Settings > Invoices).
Invoice instructions

Administration General Fields Settings

In administration, you can set up data that will automatically populate general fields. It is also possible to configure document number generation.
invoice document setup

Adding Customers

1. To add customers to the invoice, you have a widget on the right side that offers a list of customers, populated from the customer module. 

2. The module also allows for direct addition of customers.
invoice customer codelist

Adding Products, Discounts, and Rebates

When creating an invoice, there is a widget with items for adding products.
  • To add a product to an item, click on "Select Item" (you can search for the product using the integrated search). To edit the quantity of products, click on the number field below "Quantity" and manually adjust it. Discounts are automatically applied to the item if set on the product itself. For manual editing, click on the number. To add rebates, click on the "Rebates" button (added rebates apply to all items). Clicking on the "Sale Price" button opens a list of prices retrieved from the products, showing retail, trade, or wholesale prices.
invoice product list widget


After clicking the "Save Order" button, a payment widget appears. Here, you record received payments for the respective invoice.
invoice payments
When adding a payment, a window opens where you enter the amount, payment date, payment method, and currency. Payments added in the widget are considered in calculating the "Amount Due."
invoice payments

At the top of saved and confirmed invoices, buttons for additional functions appear:

  • Button to change the layout of the invoice.
  • Directly send the invoice to the customer.
  • Create a complaint related to the invoice.
  • Cancel/void the invoice (a negative invoice is generated).
  • Create a document using a template.
Invoice module

Custom Fields

In addition to custom fields you can create yourself, the module also offers some useful predefined widgets:
  • Widget for uploading files.
  • Widget for adding tasks.
  • Widget for displaying related documents.
Invoice module