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It is a module that serves as database for products and services that company offers. It is one of the core modules as its database is connected to all the other document modules.
To add a new ident, click on "Add Ident."
First, you have to assign it a code, which needs to be unique, and a name. In the stock field, you can input the quantity of available products, which will be automatically updated by received receipts and issued delivery notes.
Infinite supply can be turned on if the ident is a service or digital product.
In the payment section, start by filling the VAT field with the percentage that applies to the ident. Then input the retail price, which is the price without VAT, and the sale price will be automatically derived from that. Two additional fields below those two are meant for adding an additional arbitrary set of prices. The supplier price is the price you have to pay to the supplier for this ident, the rebate is the discount on that price given by the supplier, and the net price is derived from those two. Then add transport and other costs to get the buy price with costs.
Idents can be added to the products and services widget as a core component of the invoice.