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Adding of a new KPI

To create a new KPI, go to the KPIs module and click on the 'Add kpi' button.

Adding variables

To add a variable to the KPI, click on the 'add variable' button. Now, you need to set up 3 key things. The 'title' field, which also fills in the 'key' field (the key data is used when inserting the variable into the equation), the 'model' field, with which we define the module from which we will collect data, and the 'formula' field, with which we define which data we will display.

Adding a formula

Creating a formula for variables requires some knowledge of its syntax. To create it, we first need a provision that tells us how the data will be displayed, and in the second part, we specify which data will be displayed. The data must be inserted between parentheses and quotation marks, as shown in the picture.

List of provisions

  • sum (display of the sum of all numerical data)
  • count (display of the number of elements)
  • min (display of the smallest data)
  • max (display of the largest data)
  • avg (display of the average value)


You can insert any data from your CRM into the variables. To enter the data with the correct syntax, use the scopes found in the administration under document templates. Open a new template, assign its source module, and open the scope tab. In the example shown, we used the data for pay, which can be seen in the picture below.

Creating an equation

The equation is entered into a field named 'formula'. Our example is made of two variables and the mathematical sign for division. Variables are entered into the equation using the generated key data. In this case, we used two keys: Forpay and number. We set the variable forpay to be divided by the variable number, and below, the program calculated the result for us.

Creating a display card on the dashboard

To add a KPI data to the dashboard, go to the layout builder and select the KPI highlight card from the list.