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Newsletter lists

The "Newsletter List" module is a powerful tool that works in tandem with the external platform Squalomail to streamline your email marketing efforts. This module is designed to enhance the functionality of your Customer Relationship Management system by allowing you to seamlessly import customer data into Squalomail for targeted newsletter campaigns.

Set up integration with squalomail

  • Accessing the Licensing Section: This can be done by navigating to the settings in your CRM and selecting the "Go to Licensing Page" button.
  • Configuring in Licensing: Once in the licensing area, log into your account, select your CRM instance, and then go to the plugins section. Here, you'll find a "Newsletter" header with a codelist below it. Choose Squalomail as your newsletter provider, which will prompt an additional field for an API key.
  • Existing API Key: If you already have an API key, enter it into the provided field and update your company's CRM configuration.
  • Generating a New API Key: If you don’t have an API key, you'll need to generate one from your Squalomail account. Go to Squalomail, click on "Connections," select "API Connections," and generate a new key. Copy this key to the field in the CRM's licensing section and update the configuration.
  • Activating the Integration: With the API key entered and the configuration updated, your CRM will now be synchronized with Squalomail, establishing a real-time connection for efficient management of your newsletters.

Access newsletter list

Viewing Mailing Lists: You can view and manage the synchronized mailing lists in the CRM's administration area, under "Newsletter Lists."

Add customer to newsletter list

Adding Customers to Newsletters: To add a customer to a specific newsletter, go to the "Customers" module, select a customer profile, and use the "Newsletter List" widget to include them in your desired newsletter group.