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The Supply module is designed for generating and dispatching supply orders to a company's suppliers. It functions similarly to the Order module in that it helps create informational documents. However, unlike orders which are directed at customers, supply orders target suppliers. This module is especially useful for planning restocks of materials and products.

Creating Supply Orders

  1. Access the Supply Module: Navigate to the Supply module in your system.
  2. Initiate a New Supply Order: Click on the "Add Supply" button. This action will open up the basic information interface of the module.
  3. Enter Details:
    • Fill in Fields: Complete all required fields which may include details like order date, expected delivery, and other specifics.
    • Add Supplier Information: Select a supplier from your list or add a new supplier if necessary.
    • Add Products: Insert product identifiers and the quantity needed in the designated positions.
  4. Save the Supply Order: After entering all the information, click the "Save Supply" button to add the order to your system’s list of supplies.
supply 1

Managing Supply Orders

When it's time to order products from your supplier:

  1. Select a Supply Order: From your list, open the supply order you wish to act upon.
  2. Create a Document:
    • Option for Received Invoice or Receipt: Choose to create a received invoice or a receipt based on the supply order.
    • This action will update the stock numbers of the products accordingly, reflecting the new inventory levels.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your supply needs and ensure a seamless restocking process.