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Licensing module

Licensing is a critical module where administrators configure essential aspects of their CRM platforms. This module serves as the hub for setting up basic company data, integrating with external providers, managing fiscalization requirements, installing plugins, selecting licensing plans, and overseeing payment processes.

Accessing the Licensing Module

There are two primary ways to access the licensing module:

  1. Direct Access: Navigate to and log in with your administrative credentials.
  2. Via CRM Settings: In your company’s CRM, go to the settings and click the "Go to Licensing Page" button.

Key Features of the Licensing Module

Once logged in, you will see your company's CRM listed. Clicking on this (avoiding the direct URL to the company CRM) opens the main configuration settings:

  • Basic Data: Here, you can edit the company's name and other foundational information. Setting the operating country unlocks configurations for fiscalization, which is available only in specific countries.
  • Data Provider: This section allows integration with external providers like Pantheon. Detailed instructions for setting up a Pantheon connection can be found here.
  • Fiscalization: This is necessary for compliance with local laws in countries that require it. Detailed fiscalization guidance is available here.
  • Plugins: Connect to external software, such as Squalomail for mass mailing, and integrate your email to leverage automatic mailbox settings provided by the CRM.
  • Licensing Plan: Manage your subscriptions here. After a free trial, options for purchasing licenses and modules for either one month or one year are available. Prices are displayed next to the choices. Ensure you have at least one basic or advanced license per user to access the CRM. Additional modules can be purchased as needed.
  • Payment: Add and manage your credit card details for processing payments according to your selected plan.

Key Features of the Licensing Module

After choosing your licenses and modules, finalize your configurations by updating your company CRM. This ensures all changes are applied and payment processes are initiated if the payment method has already been set up.

This streamlined overview should help administrators efficiently manage their CRM licensing needs, ensuring compliance and enhancing functionality.