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Using Acronx involves navigating between two distinct platforms, which can initially seem a bit complex. Here's a streamlined explanation to help clarify the process:

Acronx Licensing Platform

This is your starting point, accessible via Here, you manage core functionalities like creating and deleting company CRMs, integrating external providers, and purchasing additional licenses and modules. Think of this as the administrative control center.

Company CRM Platform

Once you create your company's CRM on the licensing platform, it becomes your primary workspace. You can access it through a unique URL, which follows the format: https://[YourCompanyName] Replace [YourCompanyName] with the specific name you chose for your CRM. This platform is where you'll find all the tools necessary for running your business effectively.

To summarize, start with the licensing platform for setup and administrative tasks. Once your company's CRM is created, that becomes your main hub for daily business operations.