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Register HERE or through the links on our website.
The link will take you to the licensed part of the Acronx program, where you will enter your basic information such as name, email, country, phone number, and password. Choosing the correct country is a crucial step as it will later affect the tax calculation for license purchases. Also, be careful when choosing your password, as it cannot be reset until the first login process in the CRM company is completed.
Enter your details and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then click on register.
The program will notify you of successful registration, and you will receive further instructions for the first login to the licensed module via email.
In your email client, open the email you received from "" In it, you will find a button that says "click here to activate your account." Click on it, and your account will be activated.
Proceed to your first login by clicking on "To Login" (a quick link to login is provided after activating your account). Log in with your email and the password you set during registration, and you will enter the licensed part of the Acronx program.
Here, you can create the CRM program for your company. The creation starts by clicking on the "Start here" button. This opens the setup for your CRM program, where you will fill in basic information about your company, link external databases, add external programs, choose a licensing plan, and make the payment.

Filling in all additional options is not mandatory. The program will work even if you only fill in basic company information and choose the FREE TRIAL - FREE VERSION.

There is no need to enter a credit card.
When filling in "Basic data," pay attention to the name you will choose for your CRM program. This name will be filled in the "application URL" field below. The URL of the program cannot be changed later! The name should be short and simple.

"Application URL" is used to access your company's CRM program.
Upon completing the entire process of creating a new CRM program for your company, click the create tenant button. You may need to wait 10-20 seconds for your company's CRM to be created.
At the end of the process, you can access the CRM program via the link you selected.