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Document templates

Document template module is a highly efficient tool designed to streamline the creation of various documents. This module allows users to construct document templates, significantly reducing the time typically required for document creation. These templates, which can be complex to set up, are integral across the CRM platform for any document generation needs.

General information

The module is found in the administration area, where a user encounters a table of existing document templates. On the left, there's a list of categories for organizing templates into folders, and on the right, the contents of these folders are displayed.

document template

Creating a document template

To create a document template easily, users can leverage existing templates as a starting point. The process involves several straightforward steps.

First, navigate to the template settings and select the option to duplicate the desired template. This action creates a copy of the template for customization.

Once the duplicate is created, download it to your local system.

Open the downloaded file in an appropriate application and proceed to make the necessary edits to tailor the template to your specific needs.

After editing, save your changes and upload the modified file back to the platform.

Finally, save this newly uploaded file as your custom template.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create a personalized document template ready for use.


To create a new template from scratch, users simply click on the "Add Document Template" button, fill in the title, and proceed to the document template builder.

The document template builder is divided into two main sections: "General Settings" and "Word Document View."

In "General Settings," users can define the properties and scopes of the template.

The "Word Document View" shows the current state of the template.

The process begins with naming the template and uploading a base file for document creation. Users have the option to modify an existing template file or create a new one from scratch. For those who find the process challenging or are pressed for time, Acronx support is available to assist in template creation.

Once the template is prepared, users categorize it for better organization, set the view to determine its applicability across different modules, and choose the allowed export formats. After saving, the template is ready to use.

document templatedocument template

Creating word template with dynamic fields

A key feature of these templates is their capability to incorporate specific codes where data needs to be embedded. Constructing these codes is straightforward with the aid of scopes, directing the generator on where to embed data for the final document. For instance, to display a customer's name and surname from an invoice in the document, users would navigate through the data levels (invoice, subject, title) and write the path as "invoice.subject.title." This path, enclosed in double brackets ({{ }}), ensures accurate functioning within the document.

document template