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Travel orders

The Travel Orders module proves indispensable for the logistics department of your company, streamlining the process of managing business travels efficiently. Users can effortlessly create and organize travel orders, capturing essential details and facilitating the seamless calculation of expenses. This module offers a comprehensive overview of travel-related costs, encompassing travel expenses, direct expenses, and subsistence allowances for the assignee.

Add new travel order

To initiate a new travel order, click on the "Add New Travel" button. Start by entering general information such as document type, date, assigned worker, department, and the designated vehicle for the journey. Proceed to input travel-specific details like name, country, customer, start and end dates, vehicle kilometers, cost per kilometer, and any relevant notes. Click "Add," and the travel order will be promptly added to the list. Users can continue adding multiple travels to the same order effortlessly.

create travel orderstravel order

Travel order widgets

The next segment focuses on travel expenses, allowing users to meticulously calculate the cost of each individual travel. Provide a name for the travel, specify the country, customer, start and end dates, initial and final vehicle kilometers, cost per kilometer, and any additional notes. Click "Add," and the travel expense details are seamlessly incorporated into the system.

travel order

The Direct Expenses widget permits the recording of all expenses directly associated with a particular travel. To add a new direct expense, click on "Add New Direct Expense," input the expense name, link it to the corresponding travel, and specify the amount. This feature ensures a comprehensive record of all relevant costs incurred during the travel.

travel order

The Subsistence Allowance widget is the final step, enabling users to account for the allowance associated with each travel. Click on "Add New Subsistence Allowance," link it to the relevant travel, and input the factors necessary for calculating the allowance.

travel order

As an additional feature, users can attach media files to the travel order if needed, enhancing documentation and record-keeping. The Travel Orders module stands as an invaluable tool for effortlessly managing and calculating the costs associated with each business travel, promoting efficiency and accuracy within the logistics department.

travel order