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The Reclamations module serves as a comprehensive platform for managing and addressing customer concerns. Positioned within the documents section of the menu, this module facilitates the storage and resolution of reclamations, triggered by customer feedback. Upon entering the module, users can access a table displaying recorded reclamations.

Add new reclamation

To initiate a new reclamation, simply click on the "Add Reclamation" button. This action prompts a form where users can input essential information, link the reclamation to a specific customer, attach relevant documents, associate the issue with specific products, and outline any associated costs. Upon completion, clicking "Save Reclamation" adds it to the list for tracking.


Solving reclamation

As the resolution progresses, users can mark the reclamation as resolved by clicking "Save and Confirm." This action generates a unique reclamation number and updates the list accordingly. Throughout the process, the module facilitates transparency and communication by keeping customers informed through notifications.