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Opportunity is a module for recording and following up on all customer interactions handled by the company over its various channels. It is located in the documents section of the menu and when we click on it, we are taken to the table of documented interactions. These interactions can be entered manually or automatically through integrated channels, such as e-mails and web forms.

Manual recording of opportunity

To manually record an interaction, click on add opportunity. Fill out the title, as it is a necessary field. Then assign it a status, so you can quickly see in which part of the process opportunity is. Source, in order to know where it came from. Potential value, it may bring. Probability of receiving value from it. Customer it is connected to. Responsible person, that has a duty to take care of opportunity. And a date of when the opportunity was created. Lastly you may add a detailed description and notes of interaction, to help with further solving.

opportunity module

Set automatized system for recording opportunities received by mail

You are able to set automatized process of transforming received mails directly into opportunities. In order to do that, head to administration, click on mailbox rules and add a new mailbox rule. Be careful to set the enity to opportunity and type to match with email sender. Then click add mailbox rule.

opportunity module

Direct creation of documents out of opportunity

You are able to instantly transfer data gathered on opportunity, into creation of a new doument.

You are able to create:

  • order
  • task
  • invoice
  • received invoice
  • delivery note
  • receipt
opportunity module